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Transforming the debt industry
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One platform for all your data management

Cerebreon is an award-winning, intelligent data extraction, analytics and transmission platform for the insolvency and debt recovery industry. The platform integrates all data between creditors, insolvency firms and other stakeholders to deliver highly efficient and accurate processes and ensure the best journey for the most vulnerable consumers.

Using deep learning and machine intelligence, we identify when a customer may potentially fail their arrangement so that preventative action can be taken. By ensuring as many consumers as possible become debt free, all stakeholders receives maximum returns.

Update: 15 million documents processed

Why Cerebreon?

Reduce operating cost

The ultimate goal of any business is to improve its net margins. Cerebreon helps you reduce operating costs by removing a substantial amount of data entry and automation of processes. This provides you with the resources to adopt a data-driven approach to debt portfolio management. All decisions affecting profitability can now be powered by sophisticated data analytics, including the suitability of arrangements, portfolio valuation and recovery rates.

Revolutionise data management

The digital-first world that we live in demands that you work in a new way. Files must be processed accurately and efficiently, important decisions can no longer be guided by intuition alone and data has to be stored and transferred securely. Cerebreon gives you the tools to revolutionise every aspect of your data management, providing you with the ultimate business advantage. 

Guarantee regulatory compliance

Creditor firms and insolvency specialists are under an obligation to comply with essential industry regulations and data protection rules. Cerebreon helps you avoid investigations and costly fines by delivering the best-in-class compliance technology, providing complete audit trails, evidence reports and secure data storage, as well as instantly identifying consumer vulnerability.

A case study in increasing efficiency and lowering costs

One of the largest volume IVA providers in the United Kingdom sought Cerebreon’s help. They wanted to digitise their existing claims management system in order to increase operational efficiency and become fully compliant with industry regulations. These were the results:

Claims processed

Seconds to process a file


Accuracy on mandatory data fields

Times faster than manual entry

Our Platform

Robotic Process Automation

State-of-the-art optical character recognition and advanced machine intelligence techniques transform unstructured digital files and paper-based documents used throughout the insolvency and debt recovery industry into structured, precise and rich data sources, whilst improving accuracy, increasing efficiency and cutting operating expenses.

Insights and Analytics

Predictive analysis, machine learning and powerful visuals uncover rich insights into consumer behaviour, delivering highly accurate predictions about portfolio recovery rates and upcoming arrangement defaults. This data-driven approach is reshaping the debt industry, providing insolvency practitioners and creditors with the tools to adopt a data-driven approach to debt portfolio management.

Data Transmission

Our cloud-native transmission technology changes the way that creditors and insolvency practitioners manage and transfer data between stakeholders across the insolvency and debt recovery industry, creating greater transparency, increasing data security and improving data flow.

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“Cerebreon stood out as a unique proposition that has the power, not only to transform debt recovery for creditors and the insolvency practices that structure repayment arrangements, but also have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of consumers who need help with debts. The insolvency and debt industry will benefit massively from Cerebreon’s plans to unify data across all stakeholders. Cerebreon’s use of deep learning is a market first that I know our partners will be very interested in.”

Matthew Molloy

Programme Lead, Accenture's London FinTech Innovation Lab

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