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Powering The

Insolvency &

Debt Recovery


Using Deep Learning to predict

when consumers need help

Data structuring & end-to-end

data transfer management

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Insolvency Practitioner

For Insolvency Practitioners, Cerebreon helps automate the supervisory functions, reduce costs, prove regulatory compliance ensuring arrangements remain sustainable and suitable, and predict if arrangements are on a trajectory to default so that preventative action can be taken.

Automated Processing

  • Data structuring and verified end-to-end data transfer
  • >98% data accuracy for an increased number of data fields

  • Automated claims management services
  • Accurate I&E generation and real-time supervision

Improved Efficiency & Recovery

  • Prediction of consumer default and preventative action triggers
  • Re-focus of staff to revenue-generating roles
  • OPEX reduction and improved efficiency
  • Larger fee recovery by reducing case failures

Regulatory Compliance

  • Full auditability and demonstration of regulatory compliance
  • GDPR compliance fully in-built by design and default

  • Identify consumer vulnerabilities and application of TCF principles
  • Verify that arrangements are sustainable and suitable

Creditors Services

Cerebreon uses proprietary automation technology to extract, validate and process all insolvency documents and supporting data to reduce operating costs, improve accuracy and verify application of TCF principles. Advanced Machine Learning and intelligent algorithms deliver improved predictions of portfolio recovery and ensure creditors can recover the debt they are owed.

Automated Processing

  • Claims are lodged on time and managed to maximise recovery
  • 75% reduction in manual processing resourceĀ 
  • Automated processing of multi-source unstructured data
  • Full industry data management and verified data transfer

Portfolio Recovery Oversight

  • Clean and verified data with accurate performance statistics
  • Accurate case data & document packaging for potential debt sales
  • Rich industry insights and data-driven decisions
  • Measure, monitor and report portfolio ROI with confidence

Regulatory Compliance

  • GDPR compliance fully in-built by design and default
  • Instant documentation and data recovery and storageĀ 
  • Ensuring TCF principles are fully applied
  • Full audit trail for FCA reporting requirements

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