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Cerebreon’s proprietary technology uses optical character recognition and advanced machine intelligence techniques to transform unstructured digital files and paper-based documents used throughout the debt industry into structured, precise and rich data sources, whilst improving accuracy, increasing efficiency and cutting operating expenses.

How Our Technology Works

Digital files and paper-and-image based documents are simply and easily uploaded to our cloud-native technology.

A series of machine and deep learning algorithms interpret, classify and extract relevant data from files.

Our three-step data quality validation and verification process ensures data is of the highest standard.

Data is structured into the desired format, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into your CRM system.

Learn About Our Advanced Data Extraction Solutions

Drive cost-savings

Create significant savings through automating data extraction and validation tasks, reducing manual processing costs by more than 75%.

Improve data accuracy

Harvest data with more than 98% accuracy and eliminate the need for error-prone manual data entry.

Increase efficiency

Accelerate tedious, yet crucial, data extraction tasks to enable employees to spend more time performing higher-value work.

Enhance data quality

Improve data quality by using our three-step verification process and by harvesting all data fields, not just the minimal amount of datapoints.

Enable seamless integration

Restructure extracted data into any format desired, creating seamless integration with your CRM system.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Manage all of your data to ensure compliance with key industry regulations, including adherence to GDPR which is fully built-in by design and default.

Advanced data extraction

Text can be analysed and extracted from any source, including PDF, Word, Excel, message files, scanned images, direct XML and JSON transfer.

Three-step verification process

Natural language processing algorithms, business logic rules and machine learning verification techniques ensure that harvested data is of the highest quality.

Trainable algorithms

Our algorithms learn from examples instead of rules, meaning our technology becomes more intelligent the more you use it and can handle highly complex extraction tasks.

Encrypted cloud storage

Ultra-secure Microsoft Azure hosts our data management platform, meaning that your data is highly protected across a secure foundation of physical, infrastructural and operational security.

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