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  • Reduce costs
  • Prove compliance
  • Streamline data management
  • Ensure best journey for the most vulnerable consumers

Industry Challenges

Arrangement regulation and fixed price fees have put insolvency practitioners under immense pressure to complete cases efficiently, maintain profitability and have better control of when and how debtors repay. 

Time and Cost of Manual Processing

Extracting data from files manually is time-consuming, has high operating costs and frequently results in data inaccuracy. IPs are often unable to cope with the high volume of cases needing to be processed, meaning that backlogs are common. 

Arrangement Failures Are Increasing

Insolvencies have risen consistently for the last four years but at the same time, the success rate of arrangements has dropped. IP’s have limited access to data and are unable to predict failure.

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Insolvency firms are at risk of investigation and costly fines for failing to demonstrate compliance with the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority and other regulatory bodies.

Cerebreon for Insolvency Practitioners

The increase in insolvency cases has created an urgent need to modernise data management, efficiently, securely and reliably. Cerebreon’s advanced technology automates supervisory functions, reduces costs and proves regulatory compliance by ensuring arrangements remain sustainable and suitable.

Robotic Process Automation

Optical character recognition and advanced machine intelligence techniques revolutionise the way that claims, annual reviews and other forms of financial evidence are processed.

Insights and Analytics

Predictive analysis and machine learning make highly accurate predictions about consumer default propensity, empowering insolvency firms to take early preventive measures to ensure arrangements remains sustainable and suitable.

Data Transmission

Cloud-native transmission technology changes the way that creditors and insolvency practitioners manage and transfer data, accelerating data flow between stakeholders and enhancing creditor relations.

Delivering Results

Cerebreon can predict if arrangements are on a trajectory to default so that preventative action can be taken.

Improve Recovery Rates


Prediction of consumer default and preventative action triggers

Automated Processing


Data structuring and >98% data accuracy for an increased number of data fields

Regulatory Compliance


Full auditability and demonstration of regulatory compliance

Why Insolvency Practitioners buy Cerebreon

Streamline Case Management

  • 20 times faster than traditional data extraction processes.
  • Manual processing costs reduced by more than 75%.

Compliance Guaranteed

  • Adherence to GDPR fully built-in by design and default.
  • Advanced consumer vulnerability checks.

Leverage Accurate Analytics

  • Fully transparent and auditable platform.
  • Easy to understand dashboards and widgets.
“Security is at the core of everything we do – Cerebreon’s Partnership with Microsoft and our deployment onto Azure means we can not only provide the highest levels of security but also the agility and control that enterprises needs to grow”
Gillian Doyle


Drive Case Efficiency & Success Rates

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