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Insights and Analytics

Capitalise on Intelligent Insights and Data-Driven Decisions 

Harness the Capabilities of Data

Cerebreon’s state-of-the-art analytics uses predictive analysis, machine learning and powerful visuals to uncover rich insights into industry and consumer behaviour, delivering highly accurate predictions about portfolio recovery rates and arrangement defaults.

Cerebreon is revolutionising the debt industry by providing insolvency practitioners and creditors with the tools to adopt a data-driven approach to debt portfolio management from beginning to end.

How Our Technology Works

Your structured dataset generated by Cerebreon’s Robotic Process Automation module is uploaded to our cloud-native technology.

A series of machine and deep learning algorithms intelligentlanalyse the data across a variety of visualisation toolsrevealing crucial patterns, trends and predictions. 

Custom dashboards and reports can be easily created using our simple drag and drop interface, driving additional insights. 

All analytics generated can be instantly downloaded via a variety of data options to follow for further analysis. 

Find Out More About Our Analytics Solutions

Make data-driven decisions

Adopt a data-driven approach to debt portfolio management, using data to power crucial decisions related to the suitability and sustainability of an arrangement, portfolio valuation, recovery rates and ROI.

Create accessible data

Transform data into an accessible resource through our customisable and easy to understand dashboards and reports. 

Gain industry oversight

Increase oversight of industry behaviour through advanced analysis of historical and realtime data sources, revealing modulations in macro trends and portfolio KPIs. 

Discover consumer insights

Unlock hidden patterns, trends and anomalies in consumer behaviour, including consumer default propensity. 

Leverage bespoke analysis

Use bespoke dashboards and reports to drive additional insights, carefully created by our experienced data analysts and customised to your needs.

Enhance regulatory reporting

Fulfil regulatory reporting obligations through advanced consumer vulnerability checks, ensuring Treating Customers Fairly principles are always applied.

Predictive analysis

High-end statistical techniques make highly accurate predictions about recovery rates, consumer default behaviour and the future sustainability of an arrangement. 

Extensive dashboard library

A wide variety of powerful, customisable and downloadable widgets give you easy and instant access into the metrics, KPIs, reports and data that you need.

Encrypted cloud storage

Ultra-secure Microsoft Azure hosts our data management platform, meaning that your data is highly protected across a secure foundation of physical, infrastructural and operational security.

Bring Intelligence To Your Data 

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