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Data Transmission

Revolutionise Your Data Transmission Processes

Change The Way Data Flows

Cerebreon’s cloud-native technology transforms the way that creditors and insolvency practitioners manage and transfer data between all stakeholders across the insolvency and debt recovery industry, creating greater transparency, increasing data security and improving data flow.

How Our Technology Works

Files easily uploaded to our cloud-native technology, or a direct API connection can be established with Cerebreon.

File and data packages are precisely matched with the relevant account code and destination of the recipient. 

A Verified by Cerebreon signature is given to all transmitted or received packages and digital data-remittance advice is issued.

A full and transparent transaction history and audit trail is kept for verification purposes.

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Improve data flow

Send and receive data in any format to create quick and seamless data flow between all stakeholders throughout the insolvency and debt recovery industry. 

Ensure regulatory compliance

Comply with key industry regulations by providing a complete and comprehensive audit trail for all data transferred and received between each stakeholder. 

Increase data security

Manage your consumer and client data transfers without security threat fears by removing the need for vulnerable data transmission methods like email and postal transfers. 

Enhance transparency

Gain complete oversight of each arrangement by being provided with access to every aspect of each data exchange made between stakeholders, in real-time.  

Reliable data transfer

Transfer with confidence all data verified by Cerebreon, your independent, third-party data transfer provider. 

Boost efficiency

Save time, materials and money by eliminating the need for paper-based data exchange between stakeholders.

Advanced mapping

Our advanced mapping feature enables transparent accountability, displaying what, when and by whom a data exchange was made in real-time. 

Secure data transfer

Ultra-secure Microsoft Azure hosts our data management platform, meaning that each data transfer is encrypted and secure. 

Identity key matching

A purpose limited ID repository is used for identity key identification, precisely linking your data to its intended destination.

Encrypted cloud storage

Ultra-secure Microsoft Azure hosts our data management platform, meaning that your data is highly protected across a secure foundation of physical, infrastructural and operational security.

Simplify the Way Data Flows with Cerebreon 

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