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  • Increase dividends
  • Cut arrangement failures
  • Make smarter decisions with debt data
  • Ensure best journey for the most vulnerable consumers

Industry Challenges

Creditor organisations are struggling to recover debt when consumers can no longer manage repayment. Existing methods of recovery are limited by manual processing and prevent the creditor from managing their risk. 

Manually Processing Key Documentation

Extracting data from files manually is time-consuming, has high operating costs and frequently results in data inaccuracy. Creditors are often unable to cope with the high volume of cases needing to be processed, meaning that backlogs are common. 

Lack of Accurate Debt Data and Analytics

Imprecise recovery forecasts prevent creditors from obtaining accurate understanding of debt portfolios and the use of analytics to assess proposal suitability is limited. 

Unsecure and Slow Data Exchange

Inefficient paper-based data exchanges between creditors and insolvency firms often prevent creditors from possessing real-time data on the status of cases limiting their ability to make decisions and manage risk.

Cerebreon For Creditors

Cerebreon’s advanced technology transforms arrangement success rates by changing the way that creditors and creditor service agents work. Cerebreon provides a single platform to extract, analyse and transfer insolvency data whilst maintaining GDPR compliance and industry regulations.

Robotic Process Automation

Optical character recognition and advanced machine intelligence techniques transform proposals, annual reviews and termination and completion reports into structured, precise and rich data sources.

Insights and Analytics

Predictive analysis, machine learning and powerful visuals make highly accurate predictions about debt portfolio recovery rates and the sustainability and suitability of proposals.

Data Transmission

Cloud-native transmission technology changes the way that creditors and insolvency practitioners manage and transfer data, accelerating claim submissions, improving data flow and increasing creditor insight.

Delivering Results

Creditors can maximise recovery rates, increase insight into the debt industry and improve control of the insolvency process, from beginning to end.

Increase Debt Recovery


Accelerate claim submissions using highly accurate automated workflows.

Reduce Failure Rates


Use data and deep learning to identify when consumers are likely to default.

Debt Data Insights


Advanced machine learning technologies deliver new insights into debt portfolios.

Why Creditors Buy Cerebreon

Accelerate Claims

  • 20 times faster than traditional data extraction processes.
  • Manual processing costs reduced by more than 75%.

Guarantee Compliance

  • Adherence to GDPR fully built-in by design and default.
  • Advanced consumer vulnerability checks.

Analytical Expertise

  • Fully transparent and auditable platform.
  • Easy to understand dashboards and widgets.
“Security is at the core of everything we do – Cerebreon’s Partnership with Microsoft and our deployment onto Azure means we can not only provide the highest levels of security but also the agility and control that enterprises needs to grow”.
Gillian Doyle


Transform Creditor Returns

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