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Cerebreon Income & Expenditure

I&E Automation for Debt Industry

Concerned about the high cost of processing IVAs and Debt Management Plans?

In spite of increased demand, debt management and insolvency practitioner growth is being held back by a lack of digital tools that take advantage of open banking, consumer applications and cloud-based AI.

Manual processes extend the time required to work through data and complete regulatory reports. With increasing time pressure to complete cases, there is an increasing risk that unintended errors that may lead to fines.

Introducing Cerebreon I&E

Cerebreon I&E uses pioneering machine learning technology to automate I&E production and reporting processes for Insolvency Practitioner firms.

Cerebreon I&E is a digital tool that automatically executes a fully compliant annual income and expenditure report.

Detailed I&E assessments, completed via Open Banking data or automated processing of physical documents, such as bank statements, payslips and P60s, streamlines both the Nominee and Annual Review processes.

Why IPs Use Cerebreon I&E

Trusted by the top insolvency practitioner firms in the UK.

Fully independent tech company with over 35 years insolvency industry expertise

State-of-the-art and secure cloud based technology deployed on Microsoft Azure

Fully GDPR regulated to ensure the highest levels of compliance

“Improve revenue and cashflow with accurate portfolio management”

Decrease OpEx

75% reduction in manual processing time per I&E

Increase Revenue

Increase sustainable cases that reach completion

Consumer App

Open banking data is linked to mulptiple accounts


Full auditability and demonstration of regulatory compliance


Ability to onboard and manage higher case volumes

Sustainability Index

Personalised data insights to make informed decisions

Powerful Automation to Cut Manual Processing Times

Cerebreon I&E offers firms an innovative solution for accurate, quick and simple I&E report production and can provide data-driven intelligence for effective case management.

1. Simple Set Up

Set up account and login on favourite browser.

2. Fast Document Upload

Upload consumer documents or connect to consumer Open Banking data stream.

3. Automatic Transaction Categorisation

Automatically categorise transactions and match consumer spends to SFS or StepChange guidelines.

4. Full Manual Intervention

Complex scenarios and transactions may mean exceptions to the rule – users have full categorisation control.

5. Export Reports

Automatic generation of summary Income & Expenditure report.

6. Billing at a Case Level

Full cost of I&E directly attributable to case.

Annual & Pay-As-You-Go options available

Why Cerebreon

With thousands of UK consumers facing extreme financial pressures, the current economic crisis is making Cerebreon I&E the most relevant and important SaaS offering to support Insolvency Practitioner firms and vulnerable consumers.

At Cerebreon we appreciate that every firm is different and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution does not exist. Hence, we are offering three I&E products, each tailored to accommodate firms’ own capabilities and requirements.

Consumer Facing

Consumer facing portal allows consumers to directly upload documents to be accessed by Insolvency Practioners.

Document Process

Drag and drop to process paper documents or connect to consumer open banking for auto transaction access.

CRM Integration

Simply integrate to any database and CRM system already in use.

Auto Categorisation

Automatically categorise all transactions reducing manual requirements.

No Training Needed

User friendly with usage training in the platform for ease.

Simple Set Up

Deployed on the cloud, with no requirement for extensive download

Cerebreon I&E Features

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3 x free I&E reports including

  • Automated data extraction from bank statements, P60s and payslips.
  • Consumer facing app
  • Open Banking
  • SFS & StepChange comparison