Recent multi-million data security fines raise important questions about information security. As more and more data is stored electronically, there is an increasing need for businesses to continually update security to protect customer data from rapidly evolving digital threats and to show customers that they are taking the issue seriously.  

In this article, we will explore why data security matters, how Cerebreon manages its data security and what this means for clients. 

Why is information security important to Cerebreon? 

Information security is one of our core values, we know that the data we process and store on a daily basis is of a highly sensitive and confidential nature.  

At Cerebreon, we put security at the heart of what we do. We want our clients to have full confidence in our ability to protect their data, without fears of cyber-attacks or other digital threats. Without data security, we wouldn’t be able to fulfil our mission to use data and deep learning to revolutionise the debt industry and have a positive impact on the lives of consumers. This is why data security is of fundamental importance to Cerebreon. 

What measures does Cerebreon take to manage its data security? 

Our approach to data security is multi-faceted, but two crucial elements are Microsoft Azure and ISO 27001. 

  • Microsoft Azure 

Ultra-secure Microsoft Azure hosts our cloud platform. Azure provides a secure foundation across physical, infrastructure and operational security. It offers built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence technology to help identify and protect against cyber threats. After careful consideration and research into the different cloud infrastructure options available, we decided that Microsoft Azure best matched our criteria for data security.  

  • ISO 27001 

ISO 27001 is a standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), focusing on Information Security Management. The goal of the ISO 27001 standard is to help small, medium and large business across all sectors to ensure that sensitive company information and assets are kept secure through implementing an information security management system (ISMS). Businesses must adopt a systematic approach, meaning that they must routinely explore any potential risks to the businesses’ data security and adopt polices to mitigate and manage those risks. 

In February 2019 Cerebreon achieved its ISO 27001 certification. To achieve certification, an independent, third party certification body conducted two audits.  

During the ‘Stage 1 Audit’, the Auditor assessed our existing information security systems and provided a report detailing the steps which Cerebreon was required to take in order to meet the standard. After we had made these changes, the Auditor revisited us to conduct the ‘Stage 2 Audit’ to assess Cerebreon’s information security management system and ensure that it met the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. Certification was then officially awarded, but to maintain certification Cerebreon must have a surveillance audit visit at least once per year. Following a successful surveillance audit in February 2020 our recertification was confirmed in February 2020.  

What does this all mean for Cerebreon’s clients? 

Our approach to information security means that our clients can be confident that their data is fully protected by an ultra-secure cloud platform. Strict quality control processes are applied in every area, as well as continual work to improve and update Cerebreon’s security systems.  

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