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At Cerebreon Technologies, we pride ourselves on our integrity and our willingness to listen and understand our customer’s needs. If there is a part of our services that is unclear and you would like to ask us a question, please do! We promise to answer without the tech-speak! ASK QUESTION HERE

We know from our business, that often you are aware that you need to take action on an issue but are not sure where exactly to start. If you feel like this about data and systems and are looking for advice, please contact us here to see if we can help.


With the digital universe doubling in size every two years, the volume and diversity of data being generated may seem overwhelming. At Cerebreon Technologies we will help you gather and manage all the data that your business requires and ensure that you stay on-top of this rapidly expanding requirement of modern-day businesses. Data is now considered a commodity and with rapidly approaching changes to data protection legislation, it is imperative that businesses are consciously managing and maintaining their DATA.
Our Data Services include:

  • Data collection systems and techniques
  • Database architecture and development
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • Data cleansing services
  • Digitisation of paper to electronic forms
  • Data collection from surveys, exams and questionnaires.


In an increasingly competitive landscape, you want to make sure your key business decisions are fact-based and not ‘gut-feel’. Data analytics delivers quantifiable insight on efficiency, costs, risks and benefits of a business decision. We provide a host of analytic skills to help you unlock the information contained within your data and give you clear evidence on the correct strategic decision to make. Analytics allows you a full view of your business’s performance and ensures that you have the strategic information for sustainable growth and development.
Services provided include:

  • Statistics Analysis
  • Forecasts & Predictive Algorithms
  • Process Optimisation & Machine Learning
  • SEO and web-analytics
  • Clear data interpretation & communication
  • Reporting Systems


Efficient business operations rely on having robust, yet pragmatic, management systems and controls. We understand that your management needs are different and we recognise that ‘Off The Shelf’ software will not work for many businesses. We will listen and engage with you, anticipate your requirements and hence provide greater flexibility and solutions bespoke to your needs.
Services provided include:

  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Design of management systems to increase efficiency and improve compliance
  • Bespoke software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Bespoke Financial systems (e.g. Invoice, Quotation, Expenses etc.)
  • Bespoke Human Resource systems (e.g. Annual Leave, Timekeeping,Scheduling)
  • Bespoke Sales and Stock management systems


Companies at the forefront of their industry are continuously innovating and evolving their businesses, giving them that competitive edge. Tens if not hundreds of great innovative ideas are generated in business each year, but a significant challenge is progressing these ideas right through the R&D phase to deliver real value. At Cerebreon Technologies, we have significant experience in designing and managing R&D programmes and in establishing an innovative culture within your organisation.
In particular, we provide:

  • Idea creation and evaluation techniques
  • Technical and commercial risk and feasibility assessments
  • End-to- end project management of R&D programmes
  • Grant application support advice


As you can see from ‘Our Story’, we have an unusual range of additional specialities! This experience allows us to turn things upside down and consider trends from different industries and their fit with yours.
These industries include:

  • Renewable energy technology development – Offshore wind,wave, tidal and solar energy
  • Emerging Technologies – R&D, technical and commercial roadmaps, project management
  • Technical due-diligence and assessment
  • Information Management
  • IT Security
  • Data Protection and GDPR guidance and advice

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